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A New Trend in Moving Companies

New Trend in Moving Companies



more baby boomers reach the age of retirement, companies in the moving industry
have found the need to create a new type of service; they’ve designed special
programs to help seniors get through the stressful task of relocating.  
Finally, you can count on a service that’s dedicated to helping the elderly
move from one home to another.   


that in the United States alone, there are more than 38 million people who are
over the age of 65.  With this in mind, a great deal of already established
firms began offering such services.  But these are not ordinary movers.  They
do more than just pick up the boxes and transport them to a new location.  They
take care of even the smallest details; and they do it with a smile. 


you hire a specialty mover, their professional staff begins by helping you
figure out what items to take; they even assist you in contacting an estate
seller in the event you want to auction a few valuables.  They pack and
accommodate all the cartons onto the truck and unload them at the place of
destination.  Once there, they unpack and set everything in the right place;
from the furniture to the appliances.  And if you need the computer installed,
they will make sure a trained technician takes care of such matters.


the meantime, if you need to pick up your medical records or prescriptions,
someone from the company will run these errands for you.     


prices are very reasonable, especially for all the tasks they perform.  Keep in
mind they’re not the average moving company, but a well-rounded assistance
provider that will make your move hassle free.


your information, the prices vary depending on the move.  The most expensive is
for relocation from one house to another of comparable size.  You’ll pay less
if you’re going from an average size apartment to an assisted living facility,
or if simply packing to move in with relatives.


someone who’s in their late 60’s, 70s, 80s or 90s is what these companies do
best.  They offer a well-trained, friendly and honest staff that’s been
thoroughly checked out and cleared to deal with very delicate matters. 


if you once worried there would be nobody to help you out in the event of
having to move, you can now relax.


Moving to Europe

to Europe



you’ve always dreamed of moving to Europe or you have to relocate due to work,
don’t do it without the assistance of a moving company.  Even if you’re the
type of person who’s well organized and doesn’t procrastinate, a moving company
will guide you every step of the way, ensuring you don’t encounter unforeseen


out by finding a company that specializes in overseas relocations.  These are
usually listed on the Internet and offer free quotes.  Their professional staff
takes care of everything from packing and shipping to transporting your


you select the one that’s not only affordable but reliable, make an appointment
to meet with a representative.  Discuss the packing procedures; this is the
time to address any concerns you may have.  So if you have valuable paintings
that require special attention, this is when you need to bring it up.  Ask if
there are any items which may not be allowed into the country you are moving
to.  These normally include liqueur and plants.


out whether the company’s insurance is ample enough to cover the replacement
cost of your belongings.  If it doesn’t, check your home owner’s policy or buy
added protection.  If the insurance policy itself is somewhat confusing, feel
free to ask the representative to explain it in detail.


sure to be home on the day you schedule the packing.  It’s always best to let
the movers bring all the wrapping materials and do everything themselves.  When
it comes to going overseas, a majority of insurance firms will not replace your
lost or broken items if these were boxed by you. 


you’re on a tight budget, shipping your belongings by sea will save you money. 
The cost is based on the size of your container; so if you only have a few
furnishings and clothing, sharing one might be ideal.  Keep in mind that the
charge usually includes door to door service.  But do check with the consulate
as to any additional custom’s clearance costs.


moving company that’s experienced in moving abroad will take care of everything
to make sure you’re a satisfied customer.    


Moving Your Computers

Your Computers


have become the most vital item in everyone’s household.  So if you’re hiring
the services of a moving company to relocate elsewhere, you can count on its
staff to pack and deliver your PC in a professional and responsible manner. 
After all, moving companies ensure that their staff is skilled and qualified to
handle special jobs. 


you’re doubtful that someone else won’t be as careful as you, rest assured
nobody will provide you with the quality of service that a moving company
will.  Surely your friends are probably willing to give you a hand carrying all
the heavy equipment.  But before you accept their offer stop to think that they
probably don’t possess the expertise required to handle such an important task.


movers will bring special boxes that will not only support the weight of
unusually heavy items, but that are designed to protect fragile electronics. 
They will dismantle the apparatus and place the cords and extensions in plastic
bags to protect them from getting wet.


the computer is packed, the relocation specialists will get the cartons on to
the truck; and note that these won’t be placed just anywhere.  Professional
movers know that these boxes have to go in a safe area where they will not be
jostled or tossed from one side to the other.  In addition, they know how
delicate the items inside the cartons are, so they know not to place heavy
furnishings on top.


how careful your movers may be, accidents do happen.  So make sure to have
enough insurance to cover expensive equipment.  And prior to packing the
computer, remove all discs.  Close all disc drives and if the system allows it,
perform an operation to protect the hard disc.  Many computers do it
automatically so check in case it doesn’t.  If you’re not too sure, consult the
owner’s guide or contact the manufacturer.  And before you hand the system over
to the movers write down what cables go to which components; this will ensure
you can get it back to good working order when delivered to your new home.  Let
the packers take care of other components that are just as delicate like
printers, scanners and copiers. 


moving company will take care of all your needs.